How To: Submit a Reimbursement Request


Did you purchase an approved item for Westwood PTO and need reimbursement?

Yes?  Then here is what you need to know!

How to submit a reimbursement request

1. Go to
2. On a desktop/laptop computer: Click on the “About Us” menu item and then click on “Reimbursement Form”


2.  On a mobile device: Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on

“Reimbursement Form”  in the footer.

3. Fill out the form and add any attachments (jpg, gif, png, pdf).
4. Press submit. You are done!

Additional Information:

1. All reimbursement requests must be made within 30 days of purchase.

2. Requests following the conclusion of an event require submission of an event report to the historian (can be attached below).

3. Purchases made by individuals must be approved by the Westwood PTO executive board prior to purchase.

4. Approved reimbursement checks may be picked up at the WES office during normal school hours. Alternatively reimbursement sent by USPS will result in a $0.49 deduction from original reimbursement amount to cover postage.