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Additional sessions in case you missed Coffee and Chat: Bullying Prevention and Training Presentation at Westwood

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Additional Sessions!

November 6, 2018

@ 3pm and 5 pm

Westwood Bully Rules imageAt this week’s coffee and chat, Julie Warden informed parents about the guidance lessons on bullying that she teaches to all K-5 classes. She reviewed Westwood’s Rules Against Bullying; the definition of bullying: Bullying is when someone purposely hurts someone else, over and over, and the person being bullied feels scared or powerless, like there’s nothing they can do to stop it; the 4 types of bullying: physical, verbal, social, and cyber; and the people involved in bullying: the person bullying, the target, the followers, the bystanders and the upstanders. The group also learned about Kelso’s choices: ways to handle small problems.

Kelso's Rules image
Additional Resources: Kelso’s Choices
bully book image
Additional Resources: Books used in Westwood Classrooms to discuss Bullying