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Welcome to the Westwood PTO website!  

We encourage you to learn how to volunteer at WES, stay up-to-date with the Westwood PTO Event page, check out fundraising opportunities that benefit the students at WES such as the Invest In Your Child fundraising campaign, and join us in supporting  the students and staff at Westwood Elementary School.

Go Tigers!

Invest in Your Child

Invest in Your Child

Westwood Elementary School is setting high educational standards for our children. In order to ensure that our goals are met, we must all work together to raise the funds necessary to bridge the gap between the needs of our school and what the district provides.

Traditional Fundraising

The traditional fundraising efforts of Westwood PTO have benefited each and every one of our children in the past… and that’s exactly why we do it.
We’ve all been asked to buy and/or sell candy, cookie/pizza dough, wrapping paper, etc. in an effort to raise money
for our school. You may have wondered why in the world we have to have fundraiser after fundraiser every single
year. Well, the fact of the matter is, in order to support our children and our school, we must raise funds.
We’ve come to understand that some of our parents actually enjoy traditional fundraising, while others would
rather contribute in “another way.” Well, with the “Invest in Your Child” campaign, you now have more options.

A New and Different Approach

Based on the feedback we received from you, our parents, we decided to approach fundraising in a new and different way for the 2017-2018 school year.  Unlike traditional fundraising, done through product sales, 100% of the money raised through the “Invest in Your Child” campaign goes to benefit Westwood Elementary School. With this approach, there’s no profit-sharing with third-party vendors, which enables us to provide even more to our students.  Hundreds of schools across the country have adopted the “Invest in Your Child” approach and have eliminated the need for traditional fundraising all together. We’re not sure we’re there yet, or if we even want to be, we just want to provide our parents with comprehensive options to enable you to contribute and make a difference in our school; thus, enhancing the educational experience of our children.

Here’s how “Invest in Your Child” works: It’s definitely a simpler approach to fundraising.

  1. You make a donation payable to the Westwood PTO for the current (2017-2018) school year, which may be
    tax deductible. You can donate directly on-line or by check (Westwood PTO).
  2. Grandparents, Extended Family and Family Friends can also donate!
  3. Your monetary contribution will be used to meet the needs of our children and our school.
  4.  Once we reach our fundraising goal of $35,000 (approximately $70 per child), the PTO will consider eliminating all traditional fundraising from third-party vendors.

Benefits of Contributing

Whatever amount you decide to contribute, you can rest assure that your donations will be used to enrich your
child’s learning experience at Westwood Elementary School this year and for years to come.
We will be working closely with Mrs. Hunt and her staff throughout the school year to identify and prioritize the
educational needs and requirements of our school. We will be transparent and disclose how each dollar is spent.
We have made a strong commitment to our children and have already allocated a large portion of funds to
provide grants for classrooms teachers, as well as improving security measures as Westwood.


The following are a few ways the PTO funds have been used in the past:

Security Upgrades • School Equipment
• Celebrations (K and 5th Graders) • Staff Appreciation
• Classroom & supplies • Westwood Community events • Teacher Grants

Did you know that some companies offer matching funds programs? Please check to see if your employer matches educational contributions. Every dollar is so important!

Thank You for Investing in Your Child.

Invest In Your Child 2018-2019

  • Westwood PTO needs to raise at least $70.00 per child to fully fund the 2018-2019 budget. Every donation amount helps to support the children, teachers and facility at Westwood Elementary School. Thank you!